Anaïse Hector, 21, is an artist at heart. She was exposed to art very early as her father used to make her watercolors full of magic. “I found the way he played with the colors fascinating,” she says.

FOKAL’s work is “a shining example of implementing the principle of human fraternity,” noted one of the jury members. his prestigious recognition provides further confidence that The Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty (FOKAL) “plays a vital role in shaping the lives of the local youth and supporting hard-working communities at the grassroots level,” read a statement from the organization behind the Zayed award.

For more than a month after the August 14. 2021. earthquake. farming communities dependent on the most important irrigation canal in the commune of Camp-Perrin had no access to water for their plantations. Landslides caused by the earthquake prevented the flow of water. Thanks to the intervention of the Association of Avezac Canal Residents, supported by FOKAL as part of its post earthquake solidarity program, water has been circulating in this canal, which dates to the colonial era in 1759. A team from FOKAL and Ayiti Demen visited the site.