Sustainable Development

We’re building resilient communities to achieve economic growth, environmental protection, and social cohesion.

Development Initiatives

Martissant Park

Martissant Park is a green oasis in the middle of a busy urban neighborhood in Martissant, one of the largest impoverished areas in Port-au-Prince. It stretches over 17 hectares of land, the size of around 31 football fields together. With its various components, including playgrounds, a library, an earthquake memorial, and a medicine garden, Martissant Park provides a dynamic space where people can learn, socialize, and relax. The preservation of the natural environment is a mission Martissant Park cares deeply about.

Every year, thousands of students attend environmental education programs at the park. Martissant Park was created in 2007 by a joint partnership between FOKAL, the Haitian government, and other local and international agencies. Donations help cover the costs of its everyday operational activities.

Humanitarian Responses

In times of disaster, Ayiti Demen provides emergency funding to local organizations to support their constituents and implement projects for their communities.

The FOKAL Haiti Relief Fund, created in the Our earthquake relief fund, created with FOKAL in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit the southern region of Haiti in August 2021, has collected more than $1 million to provide relief to more than 23,000 families with food, medical supplies, and temporary housing. The program has also made grants to dozens of local organizations engaged in alternative farming, gender-based violence programs, and reconstruction of social and cultural infrastructures in a long-term approach.

Current Fundraising Campaign

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