An incubator for change to build a prosperous and sustainable Haiti

Ayiti Demen activates and unifies Haitians and friends of Haiti around the globe in order to support initiatives that provide opportunities for human development and economic sustainability in Haiti.

focus areas


Environment and Public Spaces

Saving the environment from degradation and creating green public spaces is critical for the well-being and sustainability of Haiti. Work with us in making Haiti a green nation!

Safe and Prosperous Communities

Strengthening local communities to become safe, sustainable and prosperous brings opportunities for change and improvement the well-being of all citizens. Build safer and prosperous communities with us!

Education, Learning and Social Infrastructure

Investing in the education and building social learning infrastructure creates the basis of prosperous Haiti. Join us in making education available and inclusive!

Vibrant Arts and Culture

Preserving and supporting the famous rich and vibrant Haitian arts and culture lies at the heart of the cultural identity of Haitian society. Help us in supporting the art and culture of Haiti!


We invest in visionary leaders, extraordinary projects and progressive communities to bring
sustainable change and build a prosperous future for Haiti.


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