Ayitika: Crafting Fine Chocolate from the Heart of Haiti

For over three decades, Fanm Deside has worked to support Haitian women in the South of Haiti by advocating for violence survivors, promoting financial independence, and providing education and training.

With funding support from FOKAL and Ayiti Demen in 2021, Café-Lux, a social enterprise, is able to offer thousands of Haitian farmers better prices for their coffee beans and training in farming techniques to grow quality products.

NEW YORK, NY. – Ayiti Demen’s board has selected acclaimed Haitian filmmaker Gessica Généus as the organization’s goodwill ambassador. In this role, Gessica will help communicate to people around the world the work Ayiti Demen is doing to improve lives in Haiti.

Anaïse Hector, 21, is an artist at heart. She was exposed to art very early as her father used to make her watercolors full of magic. “I found the way he played with the colors fascinating,” she says.