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No matter who you are or where you live, there are many ways you can play a part in creating a better future in Haiti.

Make a gift

Never think of your contribution as small. It can help bring many solutions on the ground in Haiti. Take a step today.
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Matching Gifts

Did you know many companies and organizations offer a matching gift program to encourage giving among their employees? And they also match gifts for spouses, retirees, and part-time employees.

with US

Turn your passion for our cause into action. Become a volunteer today.

To become a volunteer, all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to help. You can choose how much time you give and we’ll give you all the training and support you need. We welcome people from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our volunteers include professionals, job-seekers, retired workers, young teenagers, full-time workers, students and schoolchildren. Whoever you are and however you choose to volunteer, you’ll be part of a supportive community coming together to transform people’s lives.

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