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We’re encouraging artistic expression and sustaining cultural heritage to bring people together and strengthen community ties.

Le Centre d’Art

Founded in 1944, Le Centre d’Art is one of Haiti’s oldest art institutions, transforming itself into a thriving creative community of artists and art lovers. It holds a collection of 5,000 works reflecting the rich and diverse talent of contemporary Haitian art. Activities and services offered are arts education programs, art exhibits, artistic residencies, and film screenings. Since its reopening in 2015 after being torn down by the 2010 earthquake, Le Centre d’Art has assisted, with training and art supplies, more than 800 emerging artists based in disciplines ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic, and photography. Big undertaking – Ayiti Demen is raising money to help rebuild a new space for Le Centre d’Art to provide opportunities for many more Haitians to explore their creativity.

The Heritage Project

The powerful earthquake that hit Haiti in January of 2010 has had a long-lasting devastating impact on the country’s infrastructures but has proven one thing: the Gingerbread Houses are solid and resilient. Gingerbread Houses are century-old residential homes built in post-colonial architecture style featuring fretted wood and intricate latticework. Unfortunately, some of these buildings have fallen into despair due to lack of maintenance and have been on the brink of extinction. Since 2010, FOKAL has worked alongside other local and international partners to restore and preserve this unique architectural heritage. As a result, at least two gingerbread houses – Dufort House and Chenet House– have been renovated and become popular places for artistic and cultural events. The ongoing renovation project of the 1920s Ethéard-Larsen House to accommodate

Le Centre d’Art is part of this process. FOKAL work has also facilitated the listing of Gingerbread houses in Port-au-Prince on the World Monuments Fund list of endangered monuments, raising global awareness about Gingerbread Houses’ historical and cultural significance and the need for their preservation. Learn more

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