Ayitika: Crafting Fine Chocolate from the Heart of Haiti

april 05, 2024 | Ayiti Demen

Ayitika is a local company based in the southern part of Haiti, dedicated to producing high-quality chocolate from scratch. What sets Ayitika apart is not only its delicious chocolate, but also its commitment to fair wages for farmers and sustainable farming practices.

From the beginning, FOKAL has been a champion of Ayitika’s mission. They provided critical funding that allowed a group of young people to purchase 10 hectares of land, allowing them to grow more cocoa and expand their production. In addition, FOKAL stepped in with cash assistance after the devastating earthquake in 2021, helping farmers stay in business and ensuring the continuity of this impactful project.

Watch a short video to learn more about Ayitika’s journey and the power of supporting local communities in Haiti.

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