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Become an Ayiti Demen Ambassadors (“ADAs”)

Ambassadors are volunteers from across the US and around the world who take the leading role in creating a positive image of Haiti and raising funds for the various projects in Haiti.

An AyitiDemen Ambassador will be engaged for a period of 6-12 months (renewable if interested to continue) and will sign an agreement that will define the expectations and responsibilities. Ambassadors will have a choice to use the design and structure proposed by AyitiDemen or they may create their own vision of an ambassador as along as it is in line with AyitiDemen mission and values. It is important to give people freedom to spread the word in a manner that works best for them, and from which we can benefit. In principle, there are four broad categories of Ambassadors that can support AyitiDemen’s activities (see slides for examples):

  • Awareness Ambassador
  • Cause Ambassador
  • Project Ambassador
  • Fundraising Ambassador

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