Haiti Ventures Fund

The new Haiti ventures fund

Investing in entrepreneurs


Haiti is highly dependent on foreign assistance with a substantial percentage of the GDP coming from aid and remittances. While these financial resources are needed and useful for the daily survival of the population, there is little risk capital for entrepreneurs to start new businesses. Lack of capital for new ventures limits entrepreneurship and innovation and does not allow potential ideas to develop and turn into successful businesses that generate employment and economic growth.


Many young people have skills, ideas and dreams which they would like to explore and put into practice, for which they need preparation, encouragement, mentoring and funding.Budding entrepreneursare looking for a chance to bring their dreams to fruition and present their ideas to potential investors and angel financiers. Such opportunities will bring a sense of hope, recognition and validation of their skills and abilities and will encourage others to follow.


Create an entrepreneurial startup system allowing young aspiring entrepreneurs to test and develop their , ideas, get advice and received the needed capital support. Modeled loosely after the successful TV Shark show, the program will do rounds of support activities consisting of online learning and startup resources, startup bootcamps, mentoring, presentation warm-ups and final investment pitches to the interested angel investors (the “wringers”). Each round will culminate in an event held in Port-au-Prince.


Contact: Piotr Korynski

E: piotr@ademen.org

T: 917.502.1606