Green Jobs

Green Jobs

Institute for environmental sciences


While there is a pool of willing and able people seeking jobs, they lack technical qualifications and work experience. This is the case of ‘green’ jobs related to environment, preservation, management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change. In order to make serious progress in protecting the environment, Haiti needs a cadre of well-trained and competent ‘green’ workforce of engineers, biologists, water and renewable energy specialists, sustainability experts and other environmental scientists.


FOKAL’s Martissant Park, the only national urban park in Haiti needs skilled professionals to manage the park’s biodiversity and maintain the nature reserve. At present, the needed skills sets are in short supply and many do not exist at all. The Park has an appropriate facility that can be renovated and adapted to the needs of a training institute. The Martissant Park is an excellent starting point for creating a training and research center because the graduates will have an opportunity to practice their skills while learning, and they will immediately find gainful employment in the Park, and subsequently with other organizations and projects dealing with environment and climate change in Haiti.


Create a state-of-the-art training and learning science institutethat will train technicians and middle-level professionals for key green jobs, as well as provide additional professional development for university graduates interested in environmental careers. The institute will also house a suite of laboratories and testing facilities to do conduct basic research and offer services in the area of environment, while providing learning and training opportunities for students.

Contact: Piotr Korynski


T: 917.502.1606