Cacao Incubator


Haiti is home to some of the best quality cacao species in the world, yet Haiti is not known or recognized for its cacao production internationally. While cacao production is slowly emerging and there are several production cooperatives and organizations, they struggle to break into the international market. One of the challenges is lack of testing capacity to verify the quality of their production and comply with international standards. This lowers their chances for marketing and selling cacao at a good price and realize the true market value.


While not aspiring to become a large volume supplier, Haiti has a mostly unexplored opportunity to provide high quality unique brands cacao for niche markets for high value chocolate products in the US and Europe. At this point, Haiti’s cacao plantations have been spared diseases and show excellent growth potential that, with appropriate technical and marketing support, can boost the national production, create new jobs and open new opportunities for local entrepreneurs (“cacaopreneurs”) to create new cacao-based products.


Create a multi-purpose space (“cacao incubator”) that will provide various services for the cacao producers (lab testing, training in standards, etc.), for local entrepreneurs who want to develop new cacao-based products using equipment housed in the incubator, and an education space for tourists and local communities to learn about cacao production and application. The services of the cacao incubator will increase the quality of cacao offered for sale and increase the value proposition for local producers moving them from a position of passive price takers to active sellers in the international market.

Contact: Piotr Korynski


T: 917.502.1606